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Antler Dog Chews

Our all-natural antler dog chews are a tasty treat your dog will love. The solid chews won’t splinter or shred, for safe enjoyment by dogs of all ages. They feature no chemical enhancements, no dyes, no preservatives and plenty of calcium and essential minerals in every bite.
What Antler Should You Buy?
Click here for our Antler Buying Guide.
This guide is intended to assist our customers in buying the right antler for their dog.

Each year male deer, elk, and moose shed their antlers. These discarded antlers make healthy and all-natural antler chews that are from a renewable source. The natural process of shedding antlers has no ill effects on the animal, making dog antler chews a healthy and humane choice.

Since this is a natural product, the size and weight of each chew will vary. Each antler is carefully assessed, and the weight, length, and girth are taken into consideration when classifying into a specific size category. While no two antler chews for dogs are alike, our chews are only made from grade #1 and #2 antlers.

We offer antlers for dogs from a variety of animals to satisfy a range of taste preferences. Choose the antler your dog likes the best, or choose a variety 3 pack and sample several types of antlers. We carry both whole antlers for dogs to chew as well as split antlers.

Choose ActiveDogSupplies.com for the best selection of high-quality antler chews on the internet.
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